The Espresso Machine

Espresso is the base to your everyday coffee on the escape from your office. Flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes and machiattos all start with a base of espresso coffee. Below is our recipe for our house blend espresso coffee.

Tools Needed:

  • Espresso machine 
  • Tamper
  • Coffee: 22 Grams -ground for espresso use
  • Water: 36 grams yield
  • Time: 28 – 30 seconds


  • Espresso requires a fine grind to ensure the water is passed through under pressure.
  • Grind coffee into the ‘basket’
  • Tap the side of the handle to settle coffee bed.
  • Distribute the coffee in the basket to ensure all gaps are filled in the basket.
  • Use a tamper to press down on the coffee, ensure the tamper is flat and press down evenly.
  • Lock the handle into the machine, press the brew button.
  • Place a scale under a cup and then under the spouts of the basket.
  • The shot of coffee should be stopped when the beverage weight is 36 grams and the time should be between 28-30 seconds.
  • If the coffee runs faster, then this time adjust the grind finer until desired time is reached and vice versa for a slow pour.


Elementary Coffee for Espresso


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