Welcome to your Website!

The video above will walk you through keeping the site updated, including the plugins (at 1:04), and themes (at 3:24), uploading a blog post, (at 4:16) and adding or changing products in the retail shopfront (9:16) although we will go into more depth there when this is ready to launch.

The site is built with WordPress, and the theme it uses is called Divi. Now that it is all there, you should have to do more than outlined in the video, and we will keep an eye on the SEO rankings. It can take up to 6 months for Google to start indexing pages properly, but it can happen quicker, so we’ll keep an eye on things and keep tweaking as needed.

Other things to remember:

You wont need to go into any of the other tabs, they can all just be left to do their thing. However, for your reference:

Wordfence is the spam control and security, and the number in yellow next to it isn’t an update, its news from the brand, so they can be ignored.

Updraft: is the backup system. This is currently set to do two an automatic backup each day, and it saves the two most recent copies. If you notice any issues with the site, let me know asap and we can work through it together, in regards to re-installing older backups etc.

Feed Them socialĀ is the social media feed plugin, and it too can be left on its own to do its thing.



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