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Aeropress is one of our favourite methods of brewing coffee to enjoy at home or while travelling, camping or adventuring anywhere. You’ll defintely be the favourite when you pull the aeropress out on your next weekend away with friends. 

Below is the recipe we enjoy, however there are so many different ways to enjoy this humble brewing method. For a few more recipes check out the world aeropress championship site. 

Tools Needed: 

  • Coffee: 15g
  • Water: 200g @ 94°C
  • Brewer: Inverted
  • Filter: Paper
  • Time: 1:45


Bring filtered water to 94c

Rinse paper filter with the hot water for 10 seconds.

Pour coffee into the inverted aeropress

With the aeropress on a tared scale pour 60 grams of water onto the coffee.

Stir grinds for 20 seconds, ensure all coffee is wet.

Pour water to 200 grams

At 1:35 seconds turn aeropress over onto a mug and press down firmly.


Try Elementary Coffee for Aero Press at Home


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